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MIG is a laboratory with a strong interdisciplinary vocation that groups together mathematicians,
computer scientists, physical chemists and biologists for the analysis of genomic data.

MIG has two main tasks:

  1. to develop methods and tools for analyzing genomic data in the following fields:
    • Genome and evolution
    • Automatic text analysis, data mining
    • System biology
  2. to lend support to INRA biologists involved in genomic researches:
  • by collaborating with biologists about bioinformatics aspects of genomic projects, MIG is involved in about 20 ANR and European projects
  • by making available a bioinformatics platform that provides access to:
  • 15 servers, a cluster of 250 processors (3 Tflops/s), 50 Tb of disk, 46 biological databases, more than 100 bioinformatics softwares

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