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The resources placed at the disposal of the scientific community are:

  • competences of a data processing and bioinformatic specialist  team
  • processing capacity of infrastucture of calculation
  • storage and provision capacity of data of the servers
  • accesses to the data banks generalist or specialized
  • software of the community bioinformatics

The missions of the bioinformatic platform are declined around 9 points:

  • To offer to the local community an adapted and powerful material and software infrastructure
  • To communicate on the evolution of the hardware, software, on the various actions undertaken on the platform
  • To train the users
  • To provide a support to the other local platforms
  • To provide a support bioinformatic to the priority scientific programs of biology and bioinformatic
  • To propose an animation around the bioinformatic platform
  • To place at the disposal of the working stations “framed” near the platform
  • To answer at the requests of expertise
  • To develop programs in dialogue with the local community and other Génopoles.

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