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The Sud-Ouest platform is a federation of different sites from Bordeaux and Toulouse:

Services provided to the community

The main activity of ReNaBi-SO focuses on development of tools (databases, softwares, web sites) in genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics. All organisms are considered with some specificity per group. Biogemma has a recognized expertise in Crops Genomics. All the teams provide specialized biological data collections including bacteria (CBiB), Insertion Sequences in bacteria and archaea (IBCG/LMGM) data collection on aquaculture and farm animals (SIGENAE), plants (BIOGEMMA) and trees (GenoToul). Different software, tools and pipelines dedicated to quality control of NGS data (NG6), assembling, annotation of genomic and EST data  data integration (Ensembl-contig browser) are also developed or extended with regard to the integration of new functionalities or  new type of data. A major activity is to provide research programs in biology with resources, services and research support in bioinformatics. Those include computer power and storage facilities for large scale analysis, a direct access to the main biological databanks, formal and informal training sessions, bioinformatics developments and expertize in bioanalysis. Services are invoiced or offered through consultation and direct research collaborations mainly in the field of NGS data analysis. People have a good expertise on common tools and methods in the field of bioinformatics and practice in development of tools in this area.


GenoToul proposes training sessions attended by a broad range of biologists and bioinformaticians ranging from beginners to more accustomed users. See.

Research area

Available skill covers sequence analysis from sequence assembling to genome and EST annotation and variability analysis.




Main scientific resources

Computing resources

Site # cores # To
GenoToul 384 cores 80 To


See GenoToul


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