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ReNaBi-Nord-Est currently gathers four PFs located in the North-East of France.

  • Lille (CIB)
  • Strasbourg (IGBMC)
  • Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy (MBI)
  • Reims (MMP)

Biological models and applications.

Lille is involved in microbial bioinformatics. MBI, Strasbourg and Reims carry out activities regarding protein 3D modelling, possibly in complex with ligands or protein-protein interactions.

Databases and software tools.

ReNaBI-NE PFs are providing access to either their own software through websites (such as Hex for Protein docking, YASS for homology search, CARNAC for prediction of RNA 2D structure for sequence families, PipeAlign and MACSIMS for production and exploitation of high-grade multiple sequence alignment, IntelliGo for Semantic Similarity Measure). They develop and maintain the Norine database on nonribosomal peptides and the BioRegistry. Lille participates in the EGI and GRISBI initiatives.

Project support and training.

ReNaBi-NE PFs provide bioinformatics software and data to the community, but seldom support to projects. The IFB project will give them the opportunity to enlarge their provision of services. ReNaBi-NE PFs are involved in courses (for graduate students in biology or computer science), thematic days and workshops proposed on a yearly basis or selectively.

Tens of thousands tasks are run each month from all over the world on the different servers of ReNaBI-NE.

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