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The PRABI is the Rhône-Alpes Bioinformatics Center, a RIO platform of the Rhône-Alpes Genopole. It gathers many research teams that develop new biological modeling using mathematics and computer sciences. The PRABI provides to the national and international community the computer tools that result from these researches. Moreover some « classical » tools of bioinformatics are also available. However it is not the aim of PRABI to compete with big international centers (as EBI, NCBI, …) on which a much larger collection of tools can be found.

The PRABI expects to be an exchange tool between biologists and bioinformatic researchers. This site aims at presenting the databases and computational tools available through the PRABI for biology and health research.

Rhone-Alpes BioInformatics Center

The Rhone-Alpes BioInformatics Center is a platform gathering 11 research teams spread on 4 different sites. the PRABI has research, service and training activities in a large number of bioinformatics and biostatistics fields.

Web site : PRABI

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