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Transcriptomic tools provided by ReNaBi platforms.

GLAD A software for DNA copy number analysis in CGH arrays
MANOR A software for CGH array normalisation
VAMP An interface for visualisation of molecular profiles and their analysis
CAPweb A web tool for managing array CGH projects and analysing data
MAIA A software for two-color microarray image analysis
ITALICS A software for DNA copy number analysis in Affymetrix SNP arrays
GenoScript/Genoscape Integrated environment for microarray experiments, designed for collecting, storing and querying transcriptomic data; Genoscape is a Cytoscape plug-in that visually integrates gene expression data sets and KEGG pathways
MadTools Set of tools to facilitate the data storage, analysis and annotation obtained by the DNA microarray technology.

Additional tools, provided by transcriptomic platforms.

Biopuces (Toulouse) Platform Biopuces is one of 6 platforms of the Génopole Toulouse Midi Pyrenées. Our two main activities are : 1) service in all stages of transcriptome experiment for public and private laboratories; 2) research and development in transcriptome technics and data treatment.
ENS transcriptome platform (Paris) The ENS platform contributes to microarray technology diffusion in France and Europe among the scientific community by distributing DNA microarrays, training users, granting access to tools and devices, and collaborating with users through projects involving microarray hybridization and/or analysis.
Mediante – Microarray open source database An open-access oligonucleotide and bioinformatics resource for microarray analysis of the human and mouse transcriptomes
Nantes microarrays facility One goal of the facility is to develop, improve and offer the whole savoir-faire in molecular biology and informatics, necessary for conception and interpretation of DNA chips. It offers an assistance and service in the experimental design, and with wet-lab and dry-lab (data analysis) procedures. The aim is always to rapidly transfer the savoir-faire and expertise to the user research teams.

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