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Posted on octobre 7, 2010 by Commentaires fermés sur WP3

WP3: Integration of structural bioinformatics services

Table1: Tools for Structural Bioinformatics developed by the partners of WP3.

Table2: Driving scientific projects, collaboration and services

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Posted on février 12, 2010 by Commentaires fermés sur MobyleNet

MobyleNet, built on the Mobyle bioinformatics portal environment, federates many bioinformatics platform, that will offer a distributed network of ressources.

The aims of MobyleNet are:

  • Integrate into a single web portal framework (Mobyle) the services of the different nodes.
  • Initiate a large application spectrum framework, covering complementary aspects of the bioinformatics.
  • Making the services of the different sites interoperable.
  • Build a confidence network over the specific skills of each platform, promoting quality management over the services.
More information available on MobyleNet website.


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